21 Goals for 2021

Last year, was a rough year for all of us considering the monstrosity that took over the planet: COVID-19. It’s hard for me to even pronounce the year given how horrible it was for many of us. For me personally, 2020 was definitely one of the worst years of my life because: COVID-19 ruined my long awaited travel plans, my mental health declined drastically from being depressed to being ongoingly suicidal, my grades dropped, I had some of the worst breakdowns of my life, and I had to escape my living residence due to domestic abuse. Needless to say, I had a pretty rough year, but I’m doing MUCH better now for those who are concerned.

For the start of 2021 in a new environment, I decided I wanted to start with a fresh mindset, as well. So, here are my 21 goals for 2021:

  1. Implement better study habits (including breaks).
  2. Stick to a daily/weekly planner.
  3. Try not to be hard on yourself if you don’t perform the way you would hope.
  4. Eat healthy meals with sufficient proportions.
  5. Exercise often.
  6. Practice being okay with what you see in the mirror.
  7. Discover new music.
  8. Practice drawing.
  9. Try painting.
  10. Discover new calming methods.
  11. Tell your friends/family how much you appreciate them more often.
  12. Be kinder to yourself and others.
  13. Do not tolerate toxic behaviour; if you wouldn’t like to see it happen to someone else then why let it happen to you?
  14. Cut people off when you feel necessary.
  15. Make decisions that lead to outcomes with the least regrets.
  16. Try at least one thing out of your comfort zone.
  17. Discover a hair care routine that works.
  18. Expand your style.
  19. Care less about what others think of you.
  20. Laugh more often.
  21. Learn to fall in love with who you are.

I hope we can all fulfil our goals for this year and find happiness throughout.