That idea

lacks strength.

Do you have the strength

to be someone?

No? Then why?


How can you exist

when you are weak?

When you crumble away,

bit by bit,

every time it gets hard?

Take the advice.

It has always been there.

Reach out.

It takes real strength

to give up.


Grey’s Echo: Episode 2- A Personal Rant About Depression and School

The second episode of Grey’s Echo is just me, uncut, talking about my first week back at school from winter break. I mention my current struggles with my antidepressants and the stress I’m under because of my mental health issues and school.

Note: Your feelings are completely valid and you deserve a break from whatever mental battles you are facing. I just want to make it clear that mental illnesses ARE medical illnesses that must be accepted into society without prejudice. Please take care of yourself and reach out for help when needed because you DO deserve peace.

Episode 2: A Personal Rant About Depression and School

Thank you so much for listening to my podcast ❤

Grey’s Echo: Episode 1- Introduction to The Grey

Welcome to my podcast, Grey’s Echo! This podcast is a space dedicated to those who feel they live life unmoving, yet flowing through time.

The following episode is meant to explain the creation of my blog and to express my personal experience living life in ‘the Grey’; where life feels repetitive and stagnant.

Episode 1: Introduction The Grey.

Thank you for taking the time to view my content ❤

The Blue

there are feelings but no meaning.

I’m living but I cannot feel.

I’m laughing but there is no joy.

I drift on the wave of feelings

constantly evading drowning.

the Blue is scarier than the Grey.

you can’t see to the bottom

but you know that’s where it leads.

you drift and drift

until a wave crashes.

the water grips you and,


you drown.