Why must we sacrifice

all we have

for the sake of all we love?

The freedom to live

without the threat of loss

has never been within reach.

An idea that does not live

within this realm.

To live you must be able to sacrifice.

There is no gain

without loss,

but there is loss

without gain.

Life is unfair,

yet others still seek to inflict pain.

Why must there always be sacrifice

and pain

along side with loss

and no gain?



The heart continues to beat

to a rhythm of its own.

It does not listen

to the cues of the mind,

telling it what to do.

The heart lives separate of the mind.

It may cry out in joy.

It may cry out in pain.

Yet it continues beating

just the same.

Listen to the heart.

The mind is not the only one

that has a message

to be heard.


The Night

When it’s dark,

the people of the night emerge.

But they do not thrive

when the sun goes down.

They fear the dark

which deepens their pain,

augments their solitude,

and highlights their tears in the moonlight.

They are held hostage by their fear

of the night.

They cannot scream in fear

of the night.

The night is desolate and so very cruel.

No one hears their sobs.

No one can save them from

the night.