Why must we sacrifice

all we have

for the sake of all we love?

The freedom to live

without the threat of loss

has never been within reach.

An idea that does not live

within this realm.

To live you must be able to sacrifice.

There is no gain

without loss,

but there is loss

without gain.

Life is unfair,

yet others still seek to inflict pain.

Why must there always be sacrifice

and pain

along side with loss

and no gain?


Grey’s Echo: Episode 2- A Personal Rant About Depression and School

The second episode of Grey’s Echo is just me, uncut, talking about my first week back at school from winter break. I mention my current struggles with my antidepressants and the stress I’m under because of my mental health issues and school.

Note: Your feelings are completely valid and you deserve a break from whatever mental battles you are facing. I just want to make it clear that mental illnesses ARE medical illnesses that must be accepted into society without prejudice. Please take care of yourself and reach out for help when needed because you DO deserve peace.

Episode 2: A Personal Rant About Depression and School

Thank you so much for listening to my podcast ❤


The heart continues to beat

to a rhythm of its own.

It does not listen

to the cues of the mind,

telling it what to do.

The heart lives separate of the mind.

It may cry out in joy.

It may cry out in pain.

Yet it continues beating

just the same.

Listen to the heart.

The mind is not the only one

that has a message

to be heard.


Grey’s Echo: Episode 1- Introduction to The Grey

Welcome to my podcast, Grey’s Echo! This podcast is a space dedicated to those who feel they live life unmoving, yet flowing through time.

The following episode is meant to explain the creation of my blog and to express my personal experience living life in ‘the Grey’; where life feels repetitive and stagnant.

Episode 1: Introduction The Grey.

Thank you for taking the time to view my content ❤