Self Introduction

My counsellor and friend inspired me to create my own personal blog as an outlet and way to vent out my frustrations and emotions.

On top of my already recurring depression, I lost the physical sense of my ‘safe space’, which had been my home.

The Grey is the state of being I have felt throughout my time dealing with my depression. In the Grey, there are no dynamic emotions nor motivation or passion. It feels stagnant and repetitive; void of the will to pursue more from life or the hope that there is more to life. The Grey is also a fragile state of being in the sense that a trigger can cause grey thoughts and emotions to grow darker, becoming more dangerous.

Instead of letting the Grey consume me, I have decided to release myself from this state in a new method of coping.

Feel free to interact or express your own experiences in the Grey or beyond.

(The contents of this post are visible under ‘Blog’ from my menu.)

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