The Grey

This space is dedicated to people who feel they are living life stagnantly; unmoving, but flowing through time.

My name is Grey.

This is a safe space for all.

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Why must we sacrifice all we have for the sake of all we love? The freedom to live without the threat of loss has never been within reach. An idea that does not live within this realm. To live you must be able to sacrifice. There is no gain without loss, but there is lossContinue reading “Sacrifice”

Rise to Fall

Rising and falling, and rising and falling. One day, it’ll end. You won’t have to fall just to rise, or rise just to fall. The heart is life. The chest continues to rise and fall until one day, there is no rise. There is only the fall. -Grey


Weak. That idea lacks strength. Do you have the strength to be someone? No? Then why? How? How can you exist when you are weak? When you crumble away, bit by bit, every time it gets hard? Take the advice. It has always been there. Reach out. It takes real strength to give up. -Grey

Poetry Book

This is one of my first poetry books featuring 20 short poems following themes of emotional and domestic abuse, as well as depression and suicidal thoughts.